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Seminar 2


Seminar 2

POS - Orthodontics for children

Myofunctional Devices and Respiratory Diagnosis

  • Amyofunctional Paratologies:

    • What they really do and what they don't

    • Advantages and disadvantages of the most common devices on the market

    • How to choose which device to use in each case

    • Understand the design of the most common devices

    • What is the desired result with myofunctional devices

    • Tips for treating patients and setting their expectations

    • Patient expectations

  • Respiratory Diagnosis:

    • Understanding airway related problems in growing patients

    • Customize treatments with the airway in mind

    • Assemble your own team: Communication techniques for team treatments

What materials do you need:

  • Laptop

  • practice kit

  • Case studies/files (if you have them)

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