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Comprehensive diagnosis
with the help of experts Predictable results

With the Consulting service, we at Progressive strive to help our students provide the best orthodontic treatments to each of their patients. Whether it is a ​​initial diagnosis or a case to be followed up throughout treatment, our instructors make their knowledge and experience available to students and graduates so that they always have a complete and predictable treatment plan.

In this way, success is in any case guaranteed.



Gain confidence and learn from experienced instructors who review your diagnostic work, make corrections, refine your treatment plan, and make recommendations.

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How does it work?

Our consultation and case diagnosis service is easy to use. Upload records to SmileStream, choose an instructor and let us guide you the rest of the way.

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What sets us apart?

We believe that proper planning before starting treatment leads to more consistent cases, a better clinical experience and better outcomes.


Aligner Consulting

Our instructors are not only qualified to treat fixed orthodontic cases, but also have extensive experience with aligner treatments. Therefore, they can help you no matter what system you use.

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Virtual Consulting

We simplified the online diagnosis by setting up a virtual meeting with the instructor. Check the availability of your advisor and make an appointment to meet and discuss your case.

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Our instructors

Throughout their careers, our instructors have seen hundreds of cases of all kinds, analyzed patient records, corrected or refined treatment plans, and provided detailed advice to many dentists.

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